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Betting Control and Licensing Board is a division in the state department of Co-ordination in the Ministry of Interior and Co-ordination of National Government.

The Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act Chapter 131, empowers the Board to license and control both gaming and betting premises and the activities carried therein, facilitate generation and collection of both casino and betting taxes, authorize public lotteries and prize competitions, and eradicate illegal gambling.

The policy framework and the mandate for the regulation of national gambling which had been existence since the enactment of the Betting ,Lotteries and Gaming Act Chapter 131 Laws of Kenya in 1966  was  fundamentally altered by the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

The Constitutional mandate for the regulation and oversight of national gambling activities is drawn from Function 34 of part 1 of the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution as National betting, casinos and other forms of gambling.

The vision of the Board is: To be a World Class Gaming Regulatory Agency in Africa.

Our mission is: To ensure that gaming is conducted honestly, responsibly and competitively with maximum contribution and minimum costs to the society, and that it is free from criminal activities.

I.    Licensing and controlling betting premises and activities carried therein.
II.    Authorizing and controlling prize competitions and lotteries.
III.    Curbing illegal gambling.
IV.    Formulating and implementing gaming Policies.
V.    Facilitating the development and enforcement of gaming laws in Kenya.
VI.    Encourage a conducive environment in which the gaming industry adds value to overall national development.
VII.    Advocating for betting, lotteries and gaming as legitimate consumer pursuits.

Our Contacts

State Department Of Coordination
Telposta Towers,Nairobi
P. O. Box 30478 - 00100 Kenya
Telephone: Tel. +254 020 2228411